Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pop Culture

Pop Culture (Popular Culture) is almost everything happening around us everyday. This includes the cloths we wear, music, movies etc, these are all part of pop culture. Mass Media has a big influence in Pop Culture, especially among teenagers, they are searching whats new and hot and most importantly whats POPULAR!

The magazine that we look at, the cloths that we are wearing, the phone that we are using... its all pop culture!
Japan, especially Tokyo is influenced by Western Culture a lot. They have American Dream...I guess??? Fashion, food, electric devices, movies, series, these things are changing in Japan into Western culture. Make up of the girls are changing, food that we are eating is changing... everything is CHANGING!

Also Famous singers in Japan are influencing Japanese pop culture. AKB48 (a famous Japanese singers) are changing the young girls cloths and even the way they talk! Like I said earlier, Mass Media has a great impact on pop culture.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Enjoy taking pictures!

I love talking pictures! I just enjoy taking all different things and keep them. One reason could be because pictures will remain and it is good to keep your memory. My mother also likes to take pictures and we have a lot of photo album since my childhood. So I think I got that from my mother. Whenever I look at my pictures I always say it's really good to see what I was doing and how I changed.

 Now a days everyone has at lease one Camera equipment at home. Cellphone, camera, professional camera...etc. It is very easy to take a picture and keep them. Some people do not like to take picture for some reason but I think they are missing! These days most of the people are using social networking like Facebook and Twitter and they upload their picture and share it with other people. It is very nice to see your family/friends pictures through internet especially if they are not living in a same country. Making comments are also fun ;)

In our class we have a great opportunity to take pictures and share it with other people by Flicker and twitter. Everyday we have to take a picture based on the theme and I am enjoying it. We can have fun changing the picture that we took easily these days too! Photoshop is very common and useful. Sometimes I change the color of a picture and this makes a complete different feeling.
All and all, I think everyone should enjoy taking pictures because not only it's fun, it also remains as your memory.
                                                                   Thank you!