Monday, December 5, 2011

Final Blog Post (Final) The Pros and Cons of using Internet!

I will write about both the best and worst aspect of using internet. The internet is a global system of computer network to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consist of millions of private, public, business, academic and government networks that are linked by broad array of electronic, wireless and networking technologies. The internet carries huge range of information resources and services such as the inter-linked hypertext documents of the World Wide Web (WWW). Now a days people are using internet almost every day giving and getting a lot of information. Even the elementary schools are having computer classes and almost everyone has their own personal computer in their houses. There are a lot of good and bad aspects of using the internet which I will explain one by one.

I will first talk about the good aspect. Internet is very useful for finding resources!
Internet is used for writing papers, finding a lot of resources, and it is very good for research. There are almost everything in the internet so people do not go to library for their research papers like before. Before the internet came into our life, people used to go to library and read or search for something that they want and it took a lot of time to do such thing. It was very difficult thing to do and it was very time consuming. But these days people just have to type in something in the internet and there!!!! You will find almost anything! It is very useful and I don’t know what it would be without internet… it will be boring for SURE! I got used to using the internet so much that I can’t imagine without internet! It’s just too good for me! Hahahaha
Here are some links (blogs) that it explain what is the good aspect of using the internet. 

This explains how to get started with internet Marketing. How people can get into business with internet and how it is very positive! People can just stay at home with their PC and start a business without going out or wearing suits! No stress, just grab a cup of coffee and do your thing at HOME! 

This one explains how it is a best aspect of using internet for keeping books online. It is very useful and people are using this system. It is very common and almost most business man knows about this system!

Another best aspect of using internet from my point of view is that you can keep in touch with people all around the world very easily!
There are a lot of things that we can do to update each other these days. Facebook, which almost all students have their own account and keep in touch with people, family members, relatives, and friends. I personally use Facebook everyday and I am very addicted to it! They will upload their pictures and we can see what they’re doing and make a comment on everything! I just love it! I feel more connected and close to a person and I think it is very good. Also we can make a lot of new friends on Facebook, all around of world! It is always good to make new friends ;) Most of the people are usi9ng smart phones which we could use Internet!!!!!! And FACEBOOK!!!! 

Here are some blogs of the advantages of using Facebook.

This one explains how Facebook is useful for checking evens. There are a lot of events and it is the easiest ways to find and get invited to the events and PARTY! ;) 

This one explains how comments box in Facebook is good and useful. People who have Facebook account know exactly why it is good to have a comment box!

 Another advantage of using internet is email! We can use emails for everything. If we want to write for business letters, to keep in touch with people, also it is very useful to talk with our professors. This works both for private, business and professional way of keeping in touch with people. I always write emails to professors if I have questions and they will reply pretty fast and it always works good to ask questions.  

Now I will talk about the disadvantages of using internet!
First thing that pops into my mind is that, when we use internet for research it is not so reliable…As I mentioned earlier, internet is a very good thing to use for research and finding sources and information but at the same time, it is a little bit risky! Anyone can make their own blog or create website and write anything that they want and this could be dangerous because the information might not be true. They can write what they think and write a new theory for example. People who do not have a degree, even kids can write whatever because we can never find out what age is the writer and this is very dangerous. The essays can be a little weak if we rely just on internet sources. 

Also Internet can be very addictive and people could be spending too much time on internet. Like I mentioned before I use Facebook almost all the time by my phone and I am one of the people who is addictive to internet. This is so bad because it might cause to lose my concentration on my studies and this is very bad… When I open Facebook and write a paper, I am both thinking about my paper and my Facebook, who commented on my status or my picture and so on… Also there are a lot of people who are using online games and they are constantly playing games and this is very bad… It is highly addictive and I don’t like to be one of them.

Violation in privacy is another thing which can be cause by using internet. This could happen in Facebook too. If someone set their account not private, anyone in the world can see their profile and their wall also their personal information and pictures… This could be dangerous and people might get stalker in internet…!!! We just have to make sure and be careful about our setting when we create something, blog, website and new account! Here are some sites for disadvantages! 

They both explains a lot of points of advantages and disadvantages of using internet! It is true...

This site explains the disadvantages of using Facebook… Very true and scary!

All and all I think internet is GREAT! But there are few things that we have to be careful when we use it, but if we know what will happen and what are the worst things that could happen, we should be fine. We cannot take out internet from our lives anymore because it is just too useful in any ways!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blog Post #5 Copy Right and Wrong

Kirsten Winkler is talking about how copy right is a good idea. He explains that it is always good to share things to others and at the same time take someone's idea for our own. I agree with his statement and the way he is thinking but at the same time I am not fully agreed. He says "Generally speaking, cheating is nothing else than collaboration" and yes this is somehow true. I guess?! It all depends on the definition of cheating I guess... Everyone has different point of view and consider cheating. It has different levels. I think when you ask people for more information and sharing that information is not cheating, it is only sharing.

But I don't think this type of cheating is accepted (the picture above)... This is just NOT using your brain and copy! This is the worse thing to do! I think there are a lot of different types of cheating and it depends on what and which one you are talking about.

Winkler says "So instead of grading individuals we could start grading entire classes, taking the pressure of competition away from the individual and use it as a motivator for the entire group" which in this case this is a good idea. This is like a group work, we are all saying something and sharing our ideas and at the end we make it into one project! It is not only one idea but plenty and it will be a great work! Helping each other to develop our self is the best thing to do!

I found this Creative commons blog or article

Monday, November 28, 2011

ds106 Web Assignments 105 "Google Maps Story"

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Soooooooo here is where I am from, it is Iran, Tehran (the capital city of Iran) in Ariashahr. This is where I used to live and where my home is. There are a lot of historical places in Iran including  Perspolis which was built more than 2000years ago. Also Iran is where Persian Carpets, Persian Cats, Sheesha, Pistachio come from. Also we have four season! So we have WINTER! hahahaha. Most people have the HOT weather image of middle eastern countries but it is actually colder than Japan in winter. We have one of the biggest Ski Pist which is world's 4th biggest mountain around Tehran, so I used to go to ski every weekend. It only takes one hour to go there and it is very cheap as well. This is why a lot of foreigners come to Tehran during winter time to ski! It costs approximately 2000yen per day, including renting everything and the entrance! You are more than welcome! 

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ds106 Video Assignments 159 "Video Essay"

So here is one my favorite music! I just love this music and it makes me wanna dance. I like the music more than the video clip itself but I will explain in detail later, after you watch the Video!!!!!

The music is called "In the Dark" and the artist is Dev. She always has her unique way of music videos and I really like her musics. The theme of this music is Dark, which is shown in the black color. There are a lot of sexy scenes for example when she is surrounded by people and she is lying down naked... When I first listened to this music I thought the music video is going to be a lot of dancing, in a different locations but it was quite different.

It is very easy to understand this music video because it is shown in the color and the way she sings is a little slow and also repetitive. I think these days, most of the music video turned into sexual lyrics more than deep meaning... Which makes me a little sad. I think the music in the 90's were the best because it all has more meaningful lyrics and lots of emotions... This is why somehow music in the 90's never dies...??? Music now a days dies eventually and it is the matter of time. Artists gets popular but they might not be popular the next year?!

All and all I really like this music not so much the music video. I hope you will like it too!

Assignment Description

ds106 Visual Assignments 191 "Demotivate Yourself"

Here is my little puppy Choco!!!!! I took her out the other day and she looked so cute so I took a picture!
She was so lazy that she didn't even bother herself to move for a little bit, or I guess she was too comfortable! hahahahaha. It looks fun and I wish I could do that too! lol. Hope you will like it ;)

ds106 Design Assignments 54 "Iconic You"

This sounds really fun!!!!! I took a picture of myself and try to change the tone of the picture and the color of it! I look scary and PINK but I really enjoyed it!

ds106 Writing Assignment 189 "1 Quote a Day"

Quotes are very useful and meaningful! It makes us to think and people might agree or disagree. I will take this good opportunity to make some quote and see how people respond to my quote!!!!

I don't believe in bad luck because everything happen for reason.
                                                                     -Seira K

Positive thought always gives us positive feedback ;)
                                                                    -Seira K

I wrote two instead of one and they are both very simple and basic. But this is what I always think about when something bad happens or I feel very negative. I hope you will like it ;)

Assignment Description

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We Are All Artist by Timmmmyboy

Are we all artist?

This a very arguemental question. By listening Timmmmyboy's, "We are all Artist"  talking I would say the answer for this question could be Yes, or No or something in between. Are we all artist? This is too general question. I don't like to use the word "All" because this word is too strong in my opinion... I mean everyone of us is different and because of this we have different talents. One can have a great voice, one can draw well, one can dance well, one can cook well...etc.

Artist...?! Anything that we do could be an art in my opinion. But art needs creativity and this needs practice to be able to be a good artist. One is born with a great talent and one is not. The one who is a great artist and became famous was born talented and its in their genes. They create art which is incredible and unbelievably beautiful. So if we are all artist, how come I can't draw what Picasso drew??? Is that mean I am not artist? or is that mean I am but in a different way.

I agree with Timmmmyboy that a creative environment can foster creativity. This is very important. If I was born in a very artistic family and I see both my father and mother is drawing all the time, I will be interested to draw and learn what they are doing too right? If we do that from our childhood, by the time we grow up we become an artist. So yes I agree to this statement.

Are we all an artist? I would say no because not everyone wants to be an artist and not everyone needs to be an artist. I think this question is a little judgmental too. Being an artist is great but not everyone has that talent to become one. We have so many options in our lives, "to become something" in our lives and artist is just one another option. Everyone of us is different and this makes our world interesting.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Midterm Blogpost Assinment

Digital Storytelling 2011 welcome screen
                     Digital Storytelling 2011 welcome screen by digistorytellin through CClicense

So I am going to focus on the "design" of digital storytelling. What is digital storytelling in the first place? Digital storytelling is almost a new term, people uses digital tools and try to tell a story. It is very common these days because technology is high and people are getting used to use digital tools to make one easily. The length of the video is 5 to 8 minutes, not more than that, so we can say it is like a short movie (documentary). To make digital storytelling, people use software to be able to make it easier. Some examples could be, iMovie, Movie Maker, and most known Final Cut Express. Through these software people can easily make a video and may upload it on Youtube, Facebook.etc.

Earth's Interior-Digital Storytelling by  editclassvideos

In some of the classes in TUJ even uses digital storytelling and we watch it in our class to be able to understand better of that subject. It is very useful and it actually helps the students to understand better. Also it is always nice to hear other voices in the class (listening to some professor's voice for 2h might be a little hard ;) Another thing is that it is very interesting to have the visual and somebody explaining that topic because we have the visual to think about it. This video is geography digital storytelling video. I uploaded this because I remember when i was in middle school my teacher always used one of these to explain. This helped me a lot to memorize things like this.

Storytelling blog 1 This basically talked about the importance of digital storytelling by showing some examples.

Storytelling blog 2 This one is actually very nice. At the beginning it shows how a third year elementary student made a storytelling by showing the video and giving other examples as well.

Storytelling blog 3 This blog explains the importance and the good points to use storytelling as a tool of teaching to students.

All and all it is always good to learn things from digital storytelling and it can always be helpful. Now the design of it also has a huge impact because we are watching it, it has to be something which capture our attention. It is a bad idea to make it too simple because the audience would probably get bored and will not watch it until the end. It can be a fun project too if we can be in a group and make one for project! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pop Culture

Pop Culture (Popular Culture) is almost everything happening around us everyday. This includes the cloths we wear, music, movies etc, these are all part of pop culture. Mass Media has a big influence in Pop Culture, especially among teenagers, they are searching whats new and hot and most importantly whats POPULAR!

The magazine that we look at, the cloths that we are wearing, the phone that we are using... its all pop culture!
Japan, especially Tokyo is influenced by Western Culture a lot. They have American Dream...I guess??? Fashion, food, electric devices, movies, series, these things are changing in Japan into Western culture. Make up of the girls are changing, food that we are eating is changing... everything is CHANGING!

Also Famous singers in Japan are influencing Japanese pop culture. AKB48 (a famous Japanese singers) are changing the young girls cloths and even the way they talk! Like I said earlier, Mass Media has a great impact on pop culture.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Enjoy taking pictures!

I love talking pictures! I just enjoy taking all different things and keep them. One reason could be because pictures will remain and it is good to keep your memory. My mother also likes to take pictures and we have a lot of photo album since my childhood. So I think I got that from my mother. Whenever I look at my pictures I always say it's really good to see what I was doing and how I changed.

 Now a days everyone has at lease one Camera equipment at home. Cellphone, camera, professional camera...etc. It is very easy to take a picture and keep them. Some people do not like to take picture for some reason but I think they are missing! These days most of the people are using social networking like Facebook and Twitter and they upload their picture and share it with other people. It is very nice to see your family/friends pictures through internet especially if they are not living in a same country. Making comments are also fun ;)

In our class we have a great opportunity to take pictures and share it with other people by Flicker and twitter. Everyday we have to take a picture based on the theme and I am enjoying it. We can have fun changing the picture that we took easily these days too! Photoshop is very common and useful. Sometimes I change the color of a picture and this makes a complete different feeling.
All and all, I think everyone should enjoy taking pictures because not only it's fun, it also remains as your memory.
                                                                   Thank you!