Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Blog Post #5 Copy Right and Wrong

Kirsten Winkler is talking about how copy right is a good idea. He explains that it is always good to share things to others and at the same time take someone's idea for our own. I agree with his statement and the way he is thinking but at the same time I am not fully agreed. He says "Generally speaking, cheating is nothing else than collaboration" and yes this is somehow true. I guess?! It all depends on the definition of cheating I guess... Everyone has different point of view and consider cheating. It has different levels. I think when you ask people for more information and sharing that information is not cheating, it is only sharing.

But I don't think this type of cheating is accepted (the picture above)... This is just NOT using your brain and copy! This is the worse thing to do! I think there are a lot of different types of cheating and it depends on what and which one you are talking about.

Winkler says "So instead of grading individuals we could start grading entire classes, taking the pressure of competition away from the individual and use it as a motivator for the entire group" which in this case this is a good idea. This is like a group work, we are all saying something and sharing our ideas and at the end we make it into one project! It is not only one idea but plenty and it will be a great work! Helping each other to develop our self is the best thing to do!

I found this Creative commons blog or article

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