Monday, November 28, 2011

ds106 Web Assignments 105 "Google Maps Story"

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Soooooooo here is where I am from, it is Iran, Tehran (the capital city of Iran) in Ariashahr. This is where I used to live and where my home is. There are a lot of historical places in Iran including  Perspolis which was built more than 2000years ago. Also Iran is where Persian Carpets, Persian Cats, Sheesha, Pistachio come from. Also we have four season! So we have WINTER! hahahaha. Most people have the HOT weather image of middle eastern countries but it is actually colder than Japan in winter. We have one of the biggest Ski Pist which is world's 4th biggest mountain around Tehran, so I used to go to ski every weekend. It only takes one hour to go there and it is very cheap as well. This is why a lot of foreigners come to Tehran during winter time to ski! It costs approximately 2000yen per day, including renting everything and the entrance! You are more than welcome! 

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  1. I have never been to middle east (of course Iran, too). but I studied Iran a lot when I was in high school. Someday, if I have time (and money), I want to see Perspolis!!!!

  2. It is so interesting to see the map streets written in Persian writing!

    I feel you about the cold! When I was in the Middle East it snowed! It's definitely colder than Tokyo. The summer was hot, however.
    I love sheesha, and other things from the Middle East. Do Iranian people speak Arabic dialects or just Persian?

  3. That's so awesome! :) I agree with Yusuke, if I had the time and money, I will definitely visit the middle east! :D There is so much history and so many things to learn and explore in the world, I can not miss out! btw, I love Persian kitties! so cute! xD

  4. Wow!! it's so cool!! I really wanna go to Iran sometime because I have several friends who came from Iran!! Anyway, how do you think the difference between Japan and Iran?? Nice Job!!

  5. You guys are all more than welcome to visit!!!!!
    Arabic and Persian is like Chinese and Japanese... So We have no idea what they are talking about and no we only speak Persian in Iran ;)
    The difference between Japan and Iran???!!! Its gonna be an essay if I want to mention all but culturally, people, food, just everything is different...!!!