Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We Are All Artist by Timmmmyboy

Are we all artist?

This a very arguemental question. By listening Timmmmyboy's, "We are all Artist"  talking I would say the answer for this question could be Yes, or No or something in between. Are we all artist? This is too general question. I don't like to use the word "All" because this word is too strong in my opinion... I mean everyone of us is different and because of this we have different talents. One can have a great voice, one can draw well, one can dance well, one can cook well...etc.

Artist...?! Anything that we do could be an art in my opinion. But art needs creativity and this needs practice to be able to be a good artist. One is born with a great talent and one is not. The one who is a great artist and became famous was born talented and its in their genes. They create art which is incredible and unbelievably beautiful. So if we are all artist, how come I can't draw what Picasso drew??? Is that mean I am not artist? or is that mean I am but in a different way.

I agree with Timmmmyboy that a creative environment can foster creativity. This is very important. If I was born in a very artistic family and I see both my father and mother is drawing all the time, I will be interested to draw and learn what they are doing too right? If we do that from our childhood, by the time we grow up we become an artist. So yes I agree to this statement.

Are we all an artist? I would say no because not everyone wants to be an artist and not everyone needs to be an artist. I think this question is a little judgmental too. Being an artist is great but not everyone has that talent to become one. We have so many options in our lives, "to become something" in our lives and artist is just one another option. Everyone of us is different and this makes our world interesting.


  1. I think the key point from Tim's post was that no one is born with talent. We are discovering this more and more. Great genius turns out to be about spending a lot of time with something and the right conditions that foster that skill. This applies to sports, writing, music and art in general. There is a way to live artfully and not necessarily be a great painter. I'd love for you to throw away the preconceived notion about artist and born talent and for the duration of one year entertain a new idea that you are an artist. Try it with simple things and purely for the love of creating something beautiful and meaningful for yourself.

  2. There is an important and interesting tension between the points raised in your thoughtful and well written blog post and Giulia's response.

    It's true that no one "has" to be an artist. But I think there is value and wisdom in Giulia's suggestion.

    I wonder if you'd be willing to consider it.