Monday, November 28, 2011

ds106 Video Assignments 159 "Video Essay"

So here is one my favorite music! I just love this music and it makes me wanna dance. I like the music more than the video clip itself but I will explain in detail later, after you watch the Video!!!!!

The music is called "In the Dark" and the artist is Dev. She always has her unique way of music videos and I really like her musics. The theme of this music is Dark, which is shown in the black color. There are a lot of sexy scenes for example when she is surrounded by people and she is lying down naked... When I first listened to this music I thought the music video is going to be a lot of dancing, in a different locations but it was quite different.

It is very easy to understand this music video because it is shown in the color and the way she sings is a little slow and also repetitive. I think these days, most of the music video turned into sexual lyrics more than deep meaning... Which makes me a little sad. I think the music in the 90's were the best because it all has more meaningful lyrics and lots of emotions... This is why somehow music in the 90's never dies...??? Music now a days dies eventually and it is the matter of time. Artists gets popular but they might not be popular the next year?!

All and all I really like this music not so much the music video. I hope you will like it too!

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