Thursday, October 13, 2011

Midterm Blogpost Assinment

Digital Storytelling 2011 welcome screen
                     Digital Storytelling 2011 welcome screen by digistorytellin through CClicense

So I am going to focus on the "design" of digital storytelling. What is digital storytelling in the first place? Digital storytelling is almost a new term, people uses digital tools and try to tell a story. It is very common these days because technology is high and people are getting used to use digital tools to make one easily. The length of the video is 5 to 8 minutes, not more than that, so we can say it is like a short movie (documentary). To make digital storytelling, people use software to be able to make it easier. Some examples could be, iMovie, Movie Maker, and most known Final Cut Express. Through these software people can easily make a video and may upload it on Youtube, Facebook.etc.

Earth's Interior-Digital Storytelling by  editclassvideos

In some of the classes in TUJ even uses digital storytelling and we watch it in our class to be able to understand better of that subject. It is very useful and it actually helps the students to understand better. Also it is always nice to hear other voices in the class (listening to some professor's voice for 2h might be a little hard ;) Another thing is that it is very interesting to have the visual and somebody explaining that topic because we have the visual to think about it. This video is geography digital storytelling video. I uploaded this because I remember when i was in middle school my teacher always used one of these to explain. This helped me a lot to memorize things like this.

Storytelling blog 1 This basically talked about the importance of digital storytelling by showing some examples.

Storytelling blog 2 This one is actually very nice. At the beginning it shows how a third year elementary student made a storytelling by showing the video and giving other examples as well.

Storytelling blog 3 This blog explains the importance and the good points to use storytelling as a tool of teaching to students.

All and all it is always good to learn things from digital storytelling and it can always be helpful. Now the design of it also has a huge impact because we are watching it, it has to be something which capture our attention. It is a bad idea to make it too simple because the audience would probably get bored and will not watch it until the end. It can be a fun project too if we can be in a group and make one for project! 


  1. Excellent - thank you for the blog links. Those posts all are very instructive and useful in explaining different takes on digital storytelling.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how you go about creating and telling your digitalstories in the weeks ahead.

  2. Thank you for your comment!
    I am glad that you liked it ;)))))

    I will try my best to make a good blog in future.